Nitrazepam 10mg Tablets

Nitrazepam 10mg Tablets
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What is Nitrazepam?

Nitrazepam is also sold under the brand name Mogadon. This is a benzodiazepine medication that has sedative, anxiolytic and muscle relaxant properties. Mogadon tablets are indicated for the short-term treatment of insomnia, which may involve difficulty falling asleep, frequent nighttime awakenings and early-morning awakenings. This medication reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and increases total sleep time.

Using Mogadon Pills to Improve Sleep Quality

This medicine should be taken with some water just before bedtime. It can be taken with or without food. You should always ensure that you have 7 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep so you can feel well-rested upon awakening. You can take this medication as needed or on a daily basis. If you take it continuously on a daily basis, treatment does not usually last longer than four weeks.

What are the Benefits of Nitrazepam?

From population-based studies, estimates of the prevalence of insomnia have revealed that approximately 30% of adults suffer from this condition. A lack of sleep can lead to various daytime drawbacks like reduced energy levels, depressed mood and impaired cognition. On a more positive note, nitrazepam for sleep can help put an end to episodes of poor sleep so you can get the rest you need. This medication is indicated for the treatment of insomnia that is subjecting a patient to high levels of distress.

Clinical studies have shown that nitrazepam is beneficial in the treatment of sleep onset insomnia. This condition refers to difficulty initiating sleep at the beginning of the night. If it takes you longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep, then you may be suffering from sleep onset insomnia. This condition may be caused by poor sleep hygiene, which refers to practices and circumstances that promote efficient and restorative sleep. Recommended sleep hygiene practices include:

  • Establish a consistent sleep schedule - sleeping at regular times each night and adhering to a nightly routine can help maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle.
  • Limit daytime naps to half an hour - short daytime naps can improve mood and alertness but sleeping longer than half an hour can make it difficult to sleep at night.
  • Exercise to enhance sleep quality - moderate-intensity exercise for as little as 10 minutes per day can significantly improve your quality of sleep.

If you have tried to improve your sleep hygiene and are still struggling to sleep, medication is often highly beneficial. Research has shown that sleep onset insomnia is particularlyassociated with feelings of anxiety and worry. Most adults have had difficulty falling asleep at night due feelings of nervousness and anxiety. However, for some it becomes a persistent problem. Nitrazepam for anxiety canbe used to calm an anxious mind at night and promote restful sleep. This medication creates a tranquilising effect and is beneficial for the treatment of insomnia associated with anxiety.

Nitrazepam creates a sleep-inducing effect by acting on GABA receptors in the brain. As a result, gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels in the body increase. This naturally-occurring chemical is involved in controlling communication between brain cells and it reduces activity in the nervous system. By increasing GABA, Mogadon 10mg creates a calming effect that can help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. This ultimately reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep while increasing total sleep time.

Nitrazepam for sleep is also beneficial in the treatment of sleep maintenance insomnia. This condition is characterised by nighttime or very early-morning awakenings with difficulty returning to sleep. Sleep maintenance insomnia is often due to excessive stress and anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety that can cause insomnia include:

  • Feeling anxious that not being able to sleep will result in daytime fatigue.
  • Excessive worrying about circumstances that may happen the next day.
  • Getting caught up in worries about what happened in the past or what the future may hold.

Research has, however, shown that Mogadon tablets can effectively treat both sleep onset insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia. To demonstrate this, a medical study was conducted to determinehow safe and effective the use of nitrazepam is in the treatment of insomnia. Researchers compared the hypnotic effects as well as next-day residual effects of nitrazepam with that of another sleeping medication and inactive placebo pills. The study lasted 6 weeks and the patients kept a diary record of their sleep patterns and conditions during the day.

A sleep questionnaire was also completed by the participants at the beginning of the study and again at the end. After an initial one week wash-out period where the patients received only placebo, 45 of the participants in the study received nitrazepam. By using the sleep questionnaire, the researchers determined that the incidence of various sleep disturbances improved as follows:

  • Sleep onset latency decreased by 37. 8%
  • Average duration of sleep of less than 6. 5 hours decreased by 35. 6%
  • At least 2 nocturnal awakenings per night decreased by 51. 2%
  • Number of participants who took at least half an hour to fall asleep again after a nocturnal awakening decreased by 44. 5%
  • Number of participants who woke up at least 2 hours before the expected time decreased by 28. 9%

The diary records that the patients kept also showed significant improvements in terms of sleep onset latency as well as quality of sleep. This was measured by comparing the effects of inactive placebo tablets in the initial 7-day, placebo wash-out period. This research study revealed remarkable improvements in overall sleep quality for the patients who used Mogadon pills.

In terms of daytime functioning, the diary records also revealed significant improvements. The overall feeling of the patients upon waking and their estimated ability to manage with daily work significantly improved. Nitrazepam also improved other daytime aspects including anxiety, physical tiredness and restlessness.

Is This Medication Unsafe for Some People?

Some groups of people with pre-existing conditionsshould avoid the use of this medicine. Do not take it if you have sleep apnoea which is a condition that involves breathing that temporarily stops during sleep. Avoid this medication if you have abnormal muscle weakness caused by a rare condition called myasthenia gravis. Do not take it if you have severely reduced liver function. This medication should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are Nitrazepam Side Effects Controllable?

Along with its intended effects, this medication can lead to side effects, although, most people do not experience them. Up to 1 in 10 people may experience the following adverse reactions:

  • Drowsiness during the daytime
  • Reduced alertness
  • Headache

If you buy nitrazepam and experience drowsiness, avoid driving or operating machinery until you feel more alert. Headache can be prevented by ensuring that you keep well hydrated and get plenty of rest.

What is the Standard Nitrazepam Dosage?

The dose can vary depending on your age and the condition of your liver and kidneys. The recommended adult dose is 5 to 10mg before going to bed (tablets can be split). For elderly patients and those with liver or kidney problems, the recommended dose is 2. 5 to 5mg. Do not exceed the recommended dose in 24 hours. If you take this medication each night and forget to take a dose, do not take a double dose to make up for it.

Can You Buy Nitrazepam Online?

You can buy cheap nitrazepam onlinefrom the comfort of your home. Our online pharmacy stocks medication that is supplied by leading manufacturers so you can be sure of high quality. Discounts apply if you order in larger quantities and our payment gateways ensure safe and secure transactions. Just add the medication to your online order and complete the digital form at checkout. Our customer support representatives are available to answer any questions you have. After order completion, medications are delivered in discreet packaging that carefully maintains customer privacy.

Common Questions:

How much time does this medication take to start working?

This medication takes 30 to 60 minutes to induce sleep and its durational efficacy is approximately 6 to 8 hours.

Does this medication have any interactions?

This medication may interact with other medications that have a tranquilising effect. Examples of these medications include barbiturates, sedativesand antihistamines.

Are there any foods or drinks that should be avoided?

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and tea as this can reduce the calming effects of this medicine. Alcohol should also be avoided as it can increase the chance of nitrazepam side effects and make you feel very sleepy.

Is this medication safe for elderly people?

This medication can be used by elderly people. However, extra care should be taken and the recommended nitrazepam dosage is usually half the adult dosage.

How should treatment be discontinued?

If you buy nitrazepam and take this medication on a daily basis for a few weeks and stop taking it, treatment should be gradually reduced. This can be done over a few days or weeks. A gradual reduction in the dose can help prevent withdrawal symptoms.

How long does Nitrazepam stay in your system?

Nitrazepam is a long acting tranquilizer, and belongs to a family of medicines called benzodiazepines. It can stay in body for between 15-38 hours with an average of 26 hours to clear the system.

How long does Nitrazepam take to work?

Nitrazepam is a benzodiazepine with sedative properties. Patients should feel the effects of this medicine after 30 to 60 minutes.

What is Nitrazepam used for?

Nitrazepam is a tranquilizer. It has been designed for the short term treatment of insomnia, and people experiencing sleeping problems.

Are Nitrazepam opiates?

Nitrazepam is not part of the opiate group of pharmaceuticals. It belongs to a family of medicines called benzodiazepines.

Can children take Nitrazepam?

Nitrazepam is NOT suitable for children, and should only be taken after consulting with your doctor.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Nitrazepam?

Nitrazepam is NOT to be taken with alcohol. This combination increases the possibility of experiencing side effects.

Can I take Nitrazepam and Diazepam together?

Nitrazepam and Diazepam should not be taken together. There is an increased risk of adverse side effects when these two drugs are combined.

Can Nitrazepam cause dementia?

Dementia is not a recognized side effect of taking Nitrazepam. The use of this pharmaceutical can lead to misdiagnosis of brain disease in the elderly.

Can Nitrazepam cause nightmares?

While nightmares can be a side effect of taking Nitrazepam, not all patients have this experience. If you do have this problem, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor.

Can you take Ramipril with Nitrazepam?

There are no commonly known issues with taking this combination of medicines. We recommend you consult with your doctor for more information.

Is Nitrazepam sold online?

Thanks to modern technology medicinal tablets can now be bought online easily and safely. Many reliable suppliers in the UK have chosen to open online stores to deal with demand for retail medications. Our own website specializes in the supply of pills for the relief of:  pain, anxiety, and sleeping problems to customers who need them.

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