Insomnia Myths – Zopiclone Sleeping Pills

Insomnia Myths – Zopiclone Sleeping Pills- Sleeping Tablets

  • Jul 04, 2017
  • By: Dr. Steven Brulette

Treating insomnia is no longer difficult. You might have heard that good sleeping habits can do the trick, this is not always the case. There is however another way to treat insomnia: Sleeping Pills. Yes, sleeping pills are a safe and effective way to treat insomnia despite what myths you may have heard about them. Several studies have been conducted on sleeping pills like Zopiclone, which prove that they are effective in treating insomnia.

Since Zopiclone in the UK has a low reported dependency rate and is mostly prescribed for short-term treatment. The side effects of Zopiclone affect less than one in ten people. However, this hasn’t stopped people from creating myths about it.

Following are three myths that you will find on the internet and hear from people about Zopiclone:

Myth #1: If You Take More Than One Zopiclone Pill, You Will Sleep Faster Since Zopiclone is a potent Z-drug, it’s not wise to take two pills at a time. This can lead to severe side effects such as skin rashes, breathing problems, aggression and memory loss. In fact, a person suffering from acute or chronic insomnia should start with 3.5mg tablets. If the progress is slow, go as high as 7.5mg but not more than that.

Myth #2: You Can Take Zopiclone with a Glass of Wine Alcohol and Zopiclone never work well together. When alcohol mixes with Zopiclone, it can do either of two things: make the tablet more potent, which will result in increased side effects; or change your sleep patterns, which will result in nocturnal awakenings.

Myth #3: Zopiclone in the UK Can Be Taken For a Longer Time Zopiclone is a strong drug, which is why it should not be taken for more than a month. Any longer than that and you will develop a tolerance to it. The pill might stop working but you will keep taking it because you have developed a mindset that it helps you sleep.

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