Best Sleeping Pills: Top Facts about Insomnia You May Not Know

Best Sleeping Pills: Top Facts about Insomnia You May Not Know- Sleeping Tablets

  • Apr 30, 2018
  • By: Dr. Steven Brulette

The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep at night can lead to developing various health problems that affect your lifestyle. You can use the best sleeping pills to get rid of sleeplessness. However, unless you’re aware of the underlying problem i.e. insomnia, you can’t treat the problem once and for all.

Here, we’ve compiled a few lesser known facts about insomnia that’ll help you understand this sleeping order better:-

1- Around 1 in every 3 people experiences mild to severe insomnia - Women are more prone to suffer from insomnia as compared to men - 68% people of age group 18 to 29 suffer from the symptoms of insomnia.

2- Around 60% of the elderly people over the age of 60 can’t sleep well at night due to acute or chronic insomnia.

3- If you’ve a family history of insomnia, you’re likely to inherit this sleeping disorder.

4- People who are generally more alert to their surroundings usually face insomnia and wake up several times at night.

5- Adults with children are more at risk of suffering from insomnia at some point in life.

6- Irregular daytime naps can affect your sleeping routine and lead to insomnia.

7- Lack of sleep reduces productivity at work.

8- Depression is the major reason behind sleeplessness, which is why 90% depression patients suffer from insomnia.

9- If you don’t treat insomnia in a timely manner, you may gain excess weight.

10- Aside from humans, pets and bugs may also suffer from insomnia.

Best sleeping pills such as Temazepam and Triazolam can control insomnia and help you getting adequate sleep Sleeping tablets are a short-term treatment for various sleeping disorders. They aid you in enjoying a peaceful slumber at night. Visit today to buy sleeping pills and enhance your quality of life.

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